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All this talk about Going Green, well everybody is about 5 years behind us. Just to list some of the things we do here at our office to make things greener we: Changed all lighting to either LED or Floressent Bulbs, all of our printers use the same cartidges and use recycled Soy Based Ink! (Get them on Ebay) all printers are set to Black and White only and the lowest draft setting (we get an amazing 3-4 months per cartridge!!), we’ve installed skylights, all computer CRT’s were replaced with more efficent LCD Screens and those old bulky computers were replaced with energy efficent slim towers or laptops, also added for 2008 was the solar panels that heat up our hot water tanks and our battery back up system for our computers. All reservations are emailed to cut down on paper cost. All the cabins are now keyless and use a state-of-the-art keypad touch lock, not only does this increase the safty of our guests it cuts down on waste from keys or key cards.

Now if the boss says we can only flush the toilets once a day, I might look for another job, but other than that I think we are doing more than our share. So everybody is talking Green, I want to see and hear the proof, talk is cheap, but our company is operating cheaply and efficently!


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